Ode to the south

Deseo is Spanish for desire. A desire for beauty, warmth and pure strength. An ode to the Mediterranean south. A feeling that we will cherish forever. We have transformed this dream into beautiful and unique clay pots for in- and outdoor purposes. It is a true pleasure to be able to share them with the rest of the world.

Deseo carries this passion for beautiful garden and interior objects for the past 20 years in our family business, Deseo Plants. With our own collection of handmade pieces (Deseo Ceramics), the circle is now complete.

Dedicated and handmade

Clay is the matter that Deseo uses to create stylish and sustainable ceramic pots for in- and outdoor purposes. Shapes, colors and styles challenge one another. Each ceramic pot or vase is an artistic expression of a feeling of eternal happiness, since our products last for generations.

From our studio in Snellegem, Belgium, we complete projects for countless landscapers, interior architects and professionals all over Europe. From concept and design to realization and sales, discover our expertise and experience our hunger for quality. Dedicated, artisanal and customized.

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